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Stepper motor commands


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I am trying to create a program to do some very basic moves with a stepper motor. 

Our equipment is : 

AZD-AEP drive with ethernet IP

AZM66AC_PF7.2 2.36 stepper motor

Unitronics US5-B10-T42 PLC with ethernet IP

Unilogic plc software


Here is the sequence we require


  • At 1.1 secs we need to rotate 270 degrees
  • At 2.2 secs we need to rotate 180 degrees
  • At 3.0 secs we need to rotate 90 degrees
  • At 3.7 secs we need to rotate 90 degrees
  • At 4.4 secs we need to rotate 90 degrees

 If anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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  • MVP 2023

You'll have to get the UniStream configured for Ethernet IP.  It will be the Master, which in the Ethernet IP politically correct world is called a Scanner.

Go to the manufacturer's website and download the .EDS file (Electronic Data Sheet).  

Look in the Help for "Ethernet IP".  It will help walk you through adding the node by importing the EDS file to the PLC under PLC Communications->Protocols->Ethernet/IP->Scanner.

If you haven't already, download the UniLogic examples from https://www.unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareVersions/UniLogic/UniLogic_Examples.zip   

Then look at \UniLogic Examples_V1.30 Rev 52\Communications\Ethernet IP\UniStream_070_EIP_with_BC9180_barcode_reader.ulpr to see an example of a device that's been set up.

Have a swing at it and post your program with questions.

Joe T.

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Thank you for the reply


I am struggling a bit with the ethernet /ip protocol that we need to use but I think I am just missing a couple of detail to complete this process.


I have successfully changed the drive parameter using the Mexe02 V4 software 

I have also entered in the 5 positions I require and tested them with success using the teach function in Mexe02

I have been able to set the ip addresses on the plc and the servo drive and the com light on the drive turns solid green indicating I have communication.

I have included timers in my PLC program to enable me to send commands at the appropriate time for the moves I require

I have looked at all of the unitronics examples for motion control and it seems that they all involve using the CAnopen protocol and move commands


The issues I have remaining are:


  • I am able to set up the servo drive in the PLC using the .eds file only if I create it as a scanner and set the PLC as an adapter. I was thinking that the PLC should be the Scanner. Am I wrong about this ?

             I am unclear on how to generate the position movements that will be sent by the call to the servo drive. Do you possibly have an example of what one would typically look like. For now I have placed call functions in the places that will become my movements


Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving weekend


NOV 24 2021 WITH BAND SHEET FORMING TESTS and servo communication 25.ulpr

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