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Problems with RTC and password.


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I have a USP-070-B10 with sv 1.32.* on the plc and same in Unilogic.

When i try to set PLC password from Unilogic i can fill in a new password but i cant mowe the cursor to the box confirm password and therefore not continue changing password.

My next problem is setting the RTC. If i try from unilogic i connect to the PLC but then geting an  error message saying "Could not apply command". If i try in Uniapps i can choose a new date or time and press OK, the green dots spins for about 30 sec and then nothing has changed.

I have tried to upload an empty project with no more success.


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The UniStream® platform comprises CPU controllers, HMI panels, and local I/O modules that snap together to form an all-in-one Programmable Logic
Controller (PLC).

USP-070-B10 is HMI panel - it is no battery backup RTC inside. CPU for panel (PLC CPU) with embedded battery  must be connected to panel for provide RTC.

Is it CPU connected to panel or you use only panel without PLC CPU?

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