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Unlogic Automatically Creating Copies of Tags when Opened From Dropbox


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Me and another programmer are working on the same program from Dropbox, when either of us open the file, Unilogic automatically creates copies of global tags.

For example, a tag named  Alarm Bit 0 is created by me and saved to Dropbox. Then I close the program. Then another programmer opens that file and he sees

Alarm Bit 0_1

The tag Alarm Bit 0_1 is not linked to anything. 

Our finished program will eventually have over 1000 tags, and so far we are having to delete over 50 of these "indexed" automatically created tags.

Is this a Dropbox issue? or a Unilogic bug? 

Any help or advice would be appreciated, Thanks.

-John B

Controls Tech

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  • MVP 2023

Hi John, welcome.

Perhaps someone on the forum has encountered this issue, but I think that your best bet will be to contact the creators.  Mostly the forum is volunteers helping each other, with occasional input direct from HO.  Either submit a ticket through the Support tab at the top of the page, or send it direct to support@unitronics.com.

Be aware that they may not get back to you immediately due to their country's work days, and it being Fri/Sat.

Also please post the solution/ponderings once found.

cheers, Aus

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7 hours ago, johnb said:

 is created by me and saved to Dropbox.

Just curious, (and don't know if you can do this on Dropbox as I don't use it) are you actually working on the Dropbox version and saving there directly, or are you saving locally and then transferring that saved file to Dropbox?  That might be a significant thing.

cheers, Aus

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