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when I energize v130 does not update alarm triggered on input

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You need to understand how Positive Transitions work. The only way for the PLC to know that the bit changed state is to have saved the state of the bit on the previous scan and do the comparison. On the very first scan of the PLC that is not possible since it has nothing previous to compare it to. You will need to rework your logic to account for that. You could do something like this:



Also, while I'm at it, you need to understand what Ladder Logic is all about. The program is divided up into ladder rungs purposefully to separate logic threads. Do not place multiple logic threads in a single ladder rung. It works most of the time, but can cause problems unexpectedly and is VERY poor programming practice.

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it's the first time I've worked with unitronics and I'm having a hard time understanding even subroutines
I could give you an example of what you commented on doing separate in rows of stairs.
Thank you very much for your help and sorry for the words as I'm from Brazil and I'm translating.

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