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Snap in IO and V1040 compaitibility

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I have a sampling of Unitronics hardware that I keep on hand for aid in demoing and development.

I tried to remove a V200-18-E3XB from the back of my V570 and snap it into my V1040 and to my suprise ................ it doesn't fit.

I had another V200-18-E3XB that I keep on hand as spare. That does fit.

Upon inspection, I found the following.

1) The PC board of the original snap in module has extended corners that interfere with the studs of the V1040.

2) The PC board of the newer IO module has those corners removed.

3) The plastic studs on the V1040 are much longer than those on the V570

Why are the studs on the V1040 so much longer?

The reason I ask is I want to know if it was intentional for some kind of hardware incompatibility.

I want to know if I can cut the corners off my old module so that I can still continue to use it as a demo with the V1040.


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