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V570 Screen Saver/Blank Screen


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Not Sure if I should put this here in the new "HMI Design" or in "Tips & Tricks"....

Recently, an old co-worker of mine questioned me on how I had done a Screen Saver/ Blank Screen on a project I did several years back, I made this example for him and figured I'd share it here...

Obviously, I started with just a Display with a black background, and nothing else on it.
After a preset time of no touchscreen activity, the logic Loads this blank display.
And touching the screen brings it back to the Start-up Display (or where ever you want it to go).

While that worked, in the dark the display had a glow from the LCD Back-lighting.

This example shows a method to dim the back-lighting on the blank display, and back bright when returning.
I've commented each net to explain the logic...

I imagine this has been covered elsewhere on the forum, but here is my example...


ScreenSaver Display Blanking.vlp

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