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Trend to PDF curves properties file


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I use Unistream data converter suite - Trend to PDF.

I have 4 difernet values in same graph. 

When I convert then all the values in y scale ends  with differnet value and it is complicated to compare them with eathother.

How I can set same maximum vale in y scale for all 4 values I have.

A example 0-3. Or one value 0-3 and alla others 0-2 if it is possible.

At the momet they have 0-2,355 and 0-1,268.

Can I use  curve properties file for that and can someone say what I should wiritte in this file?

Or where I can get it? 



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On 2/11/2022 at 3:37 AM, Ahti said:

So I asked it from Unitronics support!

I googled it many times and no place found where you can get this information.


And they describe how to make this file. 
I add the example with file with 4 values what I used. 
Tab should be between labels and nr.
All symbols are not allowed. 

Now I got what I needed.

curve data.txt 61 B · 7 downloads

Here is the format if anyone is interested:

[Trend Tag]  [min range]   [max range]

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