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Pto output for gearing

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I'm planing to use a v350 plc with HSC input that read the frequency of a encoder. This will tell me the rotation speed of the work piece. I would like to use this information to controll a PTO for a stepper motor. I need to specify a ration betwen the encoder speed and the speed of the stepper motor(direction does not meter) I'm making a electronic gearbox. The proces is slow therfore the cycle time of the plc will be ok.



Is it possible to chenge the speed reference during move. I was planing to use the motor in jog mode but in excaples the PTO move block is alweys activated with a risng edge. 

will the block:

1. work if I call in continuous?

2. will the block accept the new speed reference?

3. if it accetes the new reference how will it transition to the new speed?

I don't want the motor to stop driting the transition to a new speed of rotation.


thanke you 




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