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display a variable to hour format

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I have an issue with my project, i have 11 variables which are the result of several counter time. The values are displayed as a second format and im trying to display these variables like this : HH:MM:SS.

I try to do it through the block "Time to Ascii", it works for one variable but when i try to do it for a second one it doesnt work (the display is weird and doesnt respect the HH:MM:SS format). I send 2 pictures of my issue

Thanks if anyone can help me and sorry for my english, im french.






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The Time to ASCII function returns a string that is stored in a vector of MIs. There are 2 characters stored in each MI. You must assign a vector long enough to handle all 8 characters (possibly plus a Null?). In your picture it looks like you're stepping on your vector.

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Thanks for your answers Flex,  you were right my vector wasnt long enough

If someone else need  i figured out , when my first variable changed i saw that my second one was overwritten by the change, I just spaced out the addresses of my variables and it works for exemple every 2, MI 0 so MI 2 .... i decided to swap to ML just in case

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