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come programmare unitronics v700 per accendere un motore ed aumentere i giri e diminuendoli con un inverter commander sk

Guest tumminello calogero

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Guest tumminello calogero

buon giorno michiamo Calogero 

ho appena iniziato a studiare come autodidatta a programmare con visilogic  ho un plc unitronics v700  con modulo v200_18_e4xb

ho un inverter c200_024 control techniques commander 

vorrei comandare una pompa 380v facendo un semplice programma con comandi



aumenta velocita'

diminuisce velocita'

e in una finestara vedere la velocita che va oppure la percentuale 

mi potete dare una mano con un semplice programma dove io poi studiero 


vi lascio la mia email 




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  • MVP 2023

Such a frequency converter does not have a built-in communication port (To control via a digital communication network, the port must be purchased separately).

Therefore, the PLC project requires that you connect the PLC to the inverter with wires according to the diagram (minimum wire  needed pointed on pic).


That is, you need to connect a common wire 0V (51 or 1). Connect the PLC outputs to the discrete inverter inputs (11,12). And also connect the analog output of the PLC to the analog input of the inverter (2).

If you already have a scheme - describe it. If not, draw it as you need and post it here on the forum.

We will help you with the next steps in programming. Unfortunately, there is no point in creating a project for you without this homework.

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