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CPU error

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my unistream PLC system operation a period like few days weeks, then HMI show up the CPU error information as enclosed photo, reboot the plc can return to run, but still running a period the error show up again, the plc run light Color yellow and the error light on, can any one help tell me the problem and how to fix it.


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Thanks for reply, but my error some differences, please see enclosed photo again, this is my screen with out return to run mode, but the screen show is Chinese, words same as English.

I don’t had any C language in the program, it just a simple ladder logic and the communication use modbus and canbus.E885C09B-FB79-4BC8-B1E6-A7F515B0B395.jpeg.d1e19545619f51c8ee168ba91194ab30.jpeg

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Hello, i have axactly the same problem, i notice that it happens when i enter to a screen with data tables, allways the same, and i have other plcs with similar programs and it is the first time that this happens, im using Rs485 to comunicate with other devices.


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