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String user input required to display in button

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I want to change the display in a button to a user entered String. I used an Ascii string input with keyboard to take user input and want to display that input in a  button display.   Then in the button  I choose String from library and  I used store direct to copy the address of the new entered string to the button.  But it only display s two asterisks.

Pics attached below.





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Don't try to use the basic button or String Library for this application. Just use the ASCII String function, both to enter the string and to display it. When you display it, add the touch property and make it Style: "Unpressed" so it will look like a button.

Also, you probably don't need to have an entry for "Legal Entry" unless you need to know that the string has changed for other logical purposes.

Use the same MI vector in both places and eliminate that ladder rung 2 above. Be sure you understand that a 17 character string will use a vector of 9 MIs (MI 4 - MI 12).

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