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Text and Strings


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Why does visilogic force all string data through the String libraries? Why I can't simply plop down a text display, give it a starting operand address, and a length? Inserting variable text fields into the string libraries is extrmemly cumbersome when you have many to do it is very inefficient.

Then, when viewing variable text fields in the string library config, it displays them all as "11111111111111111" I have to click on each an every one of them just to see what the heck is in there. I have over a hundred of them. Why would it not be displaying my address assignment instead? Not to mention that "1"s are the worst text placeholder to use in the first place since the represent the best case scenario regarding field width, when instead a "W" would at least serve that function.

And then to make matters even worse, after I click on the "11111111111111111111" to see what is inside, a window pops up with .............. you guessed it, another field of "111111111111111111111111111111" that I have to click on yet again just to figure out what the operand assigment is. [Yes, at this stage if i mouse over the "1111111111111" field with my cursor and count to two Missisipi in my head a tool tip will pop up that will indicate the assigned variable as well, but is actually quicker just to double click and forgo the wait.]

And then, if I have to alter the operand, I have to click on it AGAIN, and yet another window pops up so that I can actually select an operand.

I am now 4 windows deep just to assign one operand. I had to go 3 deep just to see what was in there.

Now I have to hit OK three times just to get back to the Config list.

That's a total of 8 clicks just to get to the operand and back, and that doesn't include the actual selecting of the operand or any other selections.

Now, try doing that 99 more times.

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Hi Damian,

I presume you know about the ASCII String HMI variable type, which does just take a starting operand and a length? (also requires an update bit to be set when you want the string to change)

Hi Simon,

Yes, I do. I could have taken that approach as well. But what I really wanted to do was have a static table of data and just change a pointer value. Using the "Ascii String" forces me instead to move all the data to align with it.

Kind of like holding a light bulb up to a socket and rotating the house to screw it in. If "Ascii String" also had a selection for offset that I could have assigned an operand that would have worked just fine. At any rate, thank you for the suggestion.What I really need is a hybrid of the List of Text by pointer and Ascii text.


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Hi Damian,

I know what you mean. I encountered the same kind of thing when setting up an email app. I set up blocks of MI vectors with the messages, then use vector copy to select the desired message and move it to the MI block that the email send is linked to.

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