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Enhanced Vision PLC Webserver doubt config

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I follow steps as described in pdf instrution (Enhanced Vision PLC WebServer 14/5/09), but the page that i create don´t start.

If i download the vlp file from Web server example my page start. Basic i create in ladder :

SB2 - Card Init - Plc Name - Socket init (01 - tcp-raw). In Card init i config IP for my network and gateway.

The problem is not connectivity because the page work on vlp from example. It´s very strange.

Any suggestions please?


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I think I was wrong the obvious. In the file .VLP must have functions specific for function the data transfer, because it the "own" program don´t start. When i said, i config only Card Init, Socket init, PLC name and an counter using SB 1sec pulse.

If problem is that, what i need for making my "own advanced web server". I ask it because in example use more that 300 MI´s, maybe is possible reduce.

Do you confirm my "suspicion" :-)?

Have a great day

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