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Data lost but still in graph history


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We've done an experiment using our Unitronics automated system. We sample some data and at the end of the experiment we log it as a .csv and .usmp file onto an SD card and than onto a usb stick. Because one of the operators put a ':' in the file name, the data didn't save. When I look in the history of the graph on the HMI screen, I can find and select the data from that experiment. Thus, it is saved as a .usmp file somewhere. When I take out the SD card, I can't select the data anymore which indicates that the data would be saved on the SD card. However, when I insert the SD card into my laptop, I can't find the data anywhere.

Does anyone know where the data is saved and how I could possibly extract the data from that place?

Thanks in regards!

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1).  Save your data table more frequently.  Hint: you can’t save data in a time frame that exceeds the update rate.   The file saving process takes a few seconds at minimum.  In our case we were saving 1-minute data and it was taking 61-seconds to save it.   That’s not good.  

2).  Watch your file status bits and address errors asap.  

3). If this data is critical, then you should at a minimum take screen shots or a cell video to capture the data and manually process later.  

4). Without adding new logic I don’t believe you can save this dataset.  As soon as you add logic that DT is probably gone, but then again I don’t know that I’ve looked up if DT’s are retentive.  

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