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  1. That's a difference of 0.000038467575848% . How accurate are you expecting ? What data types are they set to? If I need accuracy in the numbers I always collect it with the highest resolution data type (16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit) I can, then I force the values to a resolution using a round/truncate function that fits the requirements. Example: My required scaling is 0.00 - 100.00. I'll carry my collection out to 123.123456 then round/truncate to 123.1234-> xxx.xx
  2. Post your solution so that others can see how you solved it.
  3. Hi good day! I am looking for your support for the network configuration of an IOLINK master with Ethnernet IP. What are the instructions to extract the IOLINK data? Can you share any information or example program? Thanks
  4. Why not just use an option select with Text Labels -or- You could use a colored graphic button that processes the selection based on a button color w/text labels. using a general text entry option where the user can type any and all variations of characters and words would be inefficient from a programming and a process stand point.
  5. Why or how would it change? Yes, if the schema doesn’t change then the Oder and format of the bytes should remain the same.
  6. Can’t you just read those as individual coils without doing any bit manipulation? Use Modscan to read it as coils and see if you can figure it out from there.
  7. We’ve found the best approach is to just save a data table to a UDT file and then use the converter to toss it into Excel. You can save it to a csv file but you have to thoughtful of how much time it takes to write to the csv file.
  8. Put some jumps around your code to narrow down what may be causing it. Narrow it down from there. You might also load one of the example programs in it and run that for a while. Thats the only way I know to determine if it’s hardware related or not.
  9. Thanks. We’ll probably use this.
  10. Is the date/time correct on your computer?
  11. Perhaps install it to another folder or in another drive. I haven’t tried to run the same version but I’ve done different versions that way in the past.
  12. Yes, however the FTP process is easier and cleaner.
  13. Save the results of the table to a csv file (make sure to watch the file status to make sure that the PLC has enough time to handle the file tasks). You can then setup a triggered task to FTP it to the computer/server or a network share somewhere accessible by the computer. It works well.
  14. The filename can’t have the “/“ character. we build a file name using the substation function and putting a yymmdd format. If your storing a bunch of data in it you have to make sure the file is closed before the next file update takes place. We’re storing 1m data for an entire month in each file. We then use the conversion utility to convert it to an excel file when we need the data on a computer. We FTP the files off the PLC. Hope this helps
  15. For one it's not willy nilly... It does it when it opens the project so that it can keep track of things. Now on to your issue... You can keep track of it in the change control facility directly by creating a text file in your project folder that has the date/time on it. -or- You can create a production library and a development library and keep track of things that way. -or- You can create structure your file name such that the naming convention contains the Save Date in it. Your choice. Okay, last question: What product are you using for Version Control?
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