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  1. Is the date/time correct on your computer?
  2. Perhaps install it to another folder or in another drive. I haven’t tried to run the same version but I’ve done different versions that way in the past.
  3. Yes, however the FTP process is easier and cleaner.
  4. Save the results of the table to a csv file (make sure to watch the file status to make sure that the PLC has enough time to handle the file tasks). You can then setup a triggered task to FTP it to the computer/server or a network share somewhere accessible by the computer. It works well.
  5. The filename can’t have the “/“ character. we build a file name using the substation function and putting a yymmdd format. If your storing a bunch of data in it you have to make sure the file is closed before the next file update takes place. We’re storing 1m data for an entire month in each file. We then use the conversion utility to convert it to an excel file when we need the data on a computer. We FTP the files off the PLC. Hope this helps
  6. For one it's not willy nilly... It does it when it opens the project so that it can keep track of things. Now on to your issue... You can keep track of it in the change control facility directly by creating a text file in your project folder that has the date/time on it. -or- You can create a production library and a development library and keep track of things that way. -or- You can create structure your file name such that the naming convention contains the Save Date in it. Your choice. Okay, last question: What product are you using for Ve
  7. What specifically is the reason it's bad to have this date change? I have some recommendations on how to work around it but I'd like to hear your reasoning first.
  8. On the PLC go to UniApps. Then Network; then VNC; choose your resolution, apply. bingo.
  9. We noticed that too. we could only save about 55,000 records (~ 4 days of 1-minute averages ) before it would time out (> 60 seconds). We ended up changing it to only save the UDTF file. Now it’s been running all month and is about 200,000 records and takes < 10 seconds. If we want /need the data we’ll use the UDTF to Excel utility.
  10. I'm trying to log the duration of the DTI-to-File process and am trying to use the Stopwatch to get the elapsed time. Does anyone have an example of how to trigger and record this process. I'm not set on using the Stopwatch if you've got another idea on how to do this.
  11. I'm working with OPC/UA right now and just to clarify a few things: 1) The existing help file [September, 2019] mention of the certificate in the PLC [UniApps->Network-> (2nd Page)-> OPCUA] may or may not be present in there. It depends on the OPC/UA Client program. 2) The generation of the OPC/UA certificate appears to be created/generated when the PLC is first powered up. In order to get the OPC/UA Client to connect I had to download the program and then reset/reboot the PLC. 3) If you plan to implement OPC/UA do yourself a favor and wrap all of your tags in
  12. It doesn't cost anything. Download Software from website Install Software Download Examples from website Have a great Unitronics Life !! If you're seeing a place to pay for the software I'd like to see a screen shot of that.
  13. Yes. I've looked at all the documentation. Unfortunately I don't have a CPU/HMI that I can use to test anything I put together. Thanks. I'll just wing it until I get to the client site and can test out some options.
  14. Does anyone have a good example of how to use the Radio Button object?
  15. A webpage or VNC is your best bet. The webpage will be dependent on what controls/items you have on your screens. I prefer VNC, but always like having a webpage as a backup.
  16. I would not open your PLC to the internet directly. Look at either getting a VPN solution on your network or accessing through a secure computer connection and then a simple Tight VNC connection to the PLC.
  17. Not sure it will work like that as I believe the MODBUS ID has to be set for each one individually.
  18. Make sure all of the Windows updates are done. If they are then roll it back and confirm this it’s still happening.
  19. I take it you have two images, one for state 0 and another for state 1, correct? Swap the logic and see if the image comes up correctly. Then swap the images and see if it works. That's where I'd start.
  20. Is it possible to have MODBUS TCP (Ethernet) via the CPU Ethernet? I have two separate networks I'm using. My PLC needs to get data from a DCS via MODBUS on a 172.17.100.xxx network and a computer needs to get the MODBUS data from the Unitronics PLC via a 172.16.100.xxx network. Can I do this or do I need to find another solution?
  21. Take a look at the ping command. https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareHelp/VisiLogic_Knowledgebase/Ladder/Functions/Communications-Ladder_Functions/Ethernet/Ping.htm
  22. Fairly straightforward networking setup. By mobile network; you don't mean that you'll rely on the internet do you? If you do you're going to have to navigate a lot of security issues which I'd recommend using a VPN for. If you've got wireless and they are line of sight setup then you can setup a Point-to-Point network. You don't mention a budget nor distances between points. This is all information you'll need to determine before you pick a solution. Cisco has a decent setup but is costly. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/wireless/outdoor-wireless/index.html
  23. Can I get a copy of the dll files?
  24. So let me get this straight; you're going to poll 256+ modbus items over 3 serials ports that will have 512+ operations over a 232/485 serial port? In the standard MODBUS network there is one MASTER and up to 247 slaves. I would not want to be in the shoes of the startup engineer on this project. Yes, it can be done. Yes, you may not be up against the serial limitations, however you're going to have a troubleshooting nightmare if just one of those devices on causes a conflict you're in a fun week or two or six... Enough of that. Let's start at the beginning: Read
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