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Floating point data entry on a Vision260

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Hi all,

Is it possible to implement a floating point data entry field on a Vision260 screen ? I have crated a screen with Numeric Variable data entry field and have set the format to 4.1 but cannot find a way to link the field to an MF (memory float).

Thankyou in advance.


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There is no direct option to enter memory floats via keypad entry on standard series vision controllers (V120, V2xx). A workaround would be to enter the value into a memory integer register and then via ladder logic convert that to a memory float. Please see the attached example that does exactly this for one decimal place of accuracy (4.1 base format).

Also, do you really need to use a memory float though? Another option would be to just keep track of that tens place (one decimal) offset in any math or logic operations you may perform while solely using memory integers or memory longs.

V260 - HMI Decimal Entry.vlp

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