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Send e-mail via Internet using V570

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Send Email.vlp Hi,

from some time I try to send e-mail from V570 via internet. No success so far. I try example from forum "Send Email.vlp" and always "not connected".

I use unit V570 with Vision 9.3.0 build 0


1) Is any one was able to make it work ? Is this future works at all ?

2) What exactly happen when press "connect" ? What PLC do ? Send any thing to Internet like ping ? telnet ?

!!! I check my mail server IP, type, connect to server via telnet, obtain respond 220 , etc. From PC works.

I would like to ask anyone (Unitronics ?) to help with this issue, please.

I still would like to believe it could work.

If more information is needed please ask I will provide it.

best regards


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