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STL Information / Issues

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Currently I am experiencing two things:

  • I am currently trying to find a better way to quickly review my teams logic.  Using STL view is somewhat difficult as any time I try to export the Net with 'E' the program crashes. 
  • I am also unable to used F9 to start 'Online Test' - Quickly corrected noticing my function key was locked.
  • Is there some secrete reference document for Unitronics / Visilogic STL?

Any information would be extremely helpful!


Error when I attempt to export to excel with 'E'.


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  • MAL changed the title to STL Information / Issues
  • MVP 2023

Hi Mal, only just noticed this post.  I am on 9.8.65 and don't have any issues doing what you want.  9.8.65 is an older version but many users on the forum think it the best one at present. 

1).  Ensure that your Visilogic installation was run as administrator, and that the exe is set to run as admin.

2).  When you export to excel you have to click one of the greyed out "Net#" areas for it to happen properly.  There is only a tiny change on screen to show that this has been done, in the form of a "dotted" border on the clicked net.  My exports do both off and online ok.

3).  The page from Help you have shown is all that I know is available.  Perhaps a question to official support might elicit more info.  If so, please post back.

cheers, Aus

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