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I am trying to get a couple of encoders working on a new project. I have attached my program for review. I have done similar in U90 ladder with success but this is my first try in unilogics.

My controller is a US5 B10 T42

The encoders are magnetic and have 13 ppr. and the motor speed is 6000 rpm

I have tried unsuccessfully to change i0 and i1 to high speed

I am not sure what I am missing here except that I assume the encoder is way too fast for the plc to count each pulse, Also I am confused as to why the INC command seems to increase not in time with the encode pulses but with the time that it is enables.


The ultimate goal once I get this figured out is to use the encoders to ensure that they stay synchronized as the actuators move up and down


Chair lift project.ulpr

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I have been able to get my project working somewhat and I have attached the latest ladder. With this setup I am able to get the counters to increment but it seems I am only getting about 10 percent of the pulses to register, With a ppr of 13 and rpm of 6000 I should be seeing 1300 pulses per second. If I spin the shaft by hand i do indeed get the exact amount of pulses I would expect. I have a gear bow with a 12.7:1 ratio . 1 revolution by hand at the driven end gives me 166 pulses. 13 ppr x 12.7 ratio = 166 pulses per rev

If anyone has info regarding how to set up the high speed inputs this may be where I am messing up


It seems like I may only be getting counts based upon the scan rate and not the HSC I am trying to use. 


Any though would be greatly appreciated, 

HS Input chair project.png

Chair lift project.ulpr

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On 11/28/2022 at 9:29 AM, crash888 said:

The encoders are magnetic

What exactly does this mean?  Are you using a prox with magnets on a wheel?  If so, you may be running into the response time of the sensor.

You've got I0 configured as Pulse and Direction.  Do you have a Direction input on I1?

Put a scope in the input to the PLC and see what the waveform looks like.  

Joe T.

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