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I want to download the project that is installed on my Vision 120 V120-22-R1. When I trie to download the project, It says the version of OS in my panel - OS 3,72 it's diferrent from the software installed in my computer, then I should update it. The problem is, It says I could lost my project when I update it. What I do? I tried to find the Vision software version 3,72 but I didn't.


Caio Marmo.

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In Unitronics web site under the support page>download>See related Content (Right side).

There you can find old VisiLogic Version (Full and Swapper versions).

for your case O/S V3.72 is related to VisiLogic V3.50 and you can download it from the link below.


if you are using this old version i assume you an old PLC version so in any case pleae backup you project if you wish to use the the current VisiLogic Version.

i hope it helps...

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