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Decimal points or fractions in the linearization function block

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The linearization block does not work with floating point numbers.

Therefore, it is probably advisable to multiply the desired number by 10, 100 or 1000, converting it into a integer number and carry out linearization for the integer number. Then convert the obtained result into a number with a comma. Some "how to" advice in the topics below.


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17 hours ago, Jhav said:

I am trying to show gallons per minute using the linearization function. the flow meter i am using has a measuring range of 0.26-16 GPM, is there a way to enter 0.26 of a gallon in the Y1 portion of the linearization function block?  


PLC basics... PLCS don't like decimals (floating numbers) well it's more like floating numbers require more memory to handle and even that there are functions to properly work with them, most of the time it's just way mor easier to shift some zeroes and work with 26 to 1600  instead of 0.26 to 16.00 and just place the decimal point in the hundreds place on the HMI where a human will be reading the number. 

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