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Linearize to decimal points and show in bargraph

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Good afternoon.
I use Vision 130 and I'm doing bit linearization for 0 to 10 bar pressure and showing value in hm.
The linearization rounds the values I noticed in the bargraph and I would like to show numerical value in decimals.
Which is more advantageous, show it in a graph or in numbers in terms of practicality or beauty in the HMI.

Quando utilizo bargraph este automaticamente divide os pontos de 0 a 10 bar?

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When working with integers you can increase precision by multiplying by the factor of 10 to give you your desired precision. For example, if you want the linearization result to be displayed to one decimal precision, you can linearize from 0-100 instead of 0-10 (if the range was 3-17 you would linearize from 30-170). Then you just set up your bar graph from 0-100 and you can display on the HMI showing the result with a decimal place (the HMI element allows for that).

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