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Talking to the "outputs"?

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I'm working with a Samba SM70-J-TA22  (transistor sink/source).

What is the general scope of their assignable functions (ports)?   In other words maybe, lets say I have a logical "1" in my code somewhere and I want this to drive an external "output" on?  In my case a 24vdc power pump motor contactor.

A code snip would be great!



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We don't call them ports.  That's an Arduino and other microprocessor term and the pins can be assigned as input or output.  In PLC land, the real world is accessed by dedicated Inputs and Outputs.  They are fixed in number and can not be interchanged.  They are bits, and are accessed in the program exactly as MBs are.

If you haven't already, go to the Hardware Configuration and assign your Inputs and Outputs-




Connecting your logic to a real Output is this simple - 



Have a look at this video on the Unitronics YouTube channel - 


Also, look through the examples that come with your Visilogic installation.  They can be found from within Visilogic under Help->Examples.


Joe T.




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