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process boundaries on bar graphs and meters

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I'm new to programming in Visilogic and am working with the V130. I'm sure I must have overlooked a way to show min and max process variable bounds (or limits) on a bar graph or a meter. The only method I've come up with is to manually place lines over the graphic. But this isn't viable because the display will be used for different objects (in my case fans and pressure sensors) each of which will have uniquely defined min and max range limits as well as min and max process boundaries.

Overlaying mulitple bar graphs would solve this, but Visilogic apparently (as far as I can determine) will not allow this.

Get anyone suggest how to incorporate process boundaries into these graphic elements?


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Thanks, but apparently I didn't express myself well enough. The measurement limits of a variable represented in a bar chart (as you pointed out) or a meter graphic are not the same as process boundaries (aka upper and lower control limits in SPC lingo). Some common domestic examples are 1) an auto tachometer with a 'redline', and 2) water pressure gage at home with upper and lower boundaries marked in red. Industrial applications employ a wide range of sensors and other measurements to track varaibles that can (and often do) exceed the desired operating range. I would have thought that this would be a standard feature in a simple bar or meter graphic.

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My experience is that they are one and the same. If a tachometer shows 0-10 on the gauge it doesnt mean an actual measurement cannot be above 10. It's the same as what is described in the Help section that was posted. You're setting the minimum and maxium (0-10) that can be displayed. Doesnt mean an actual measurement cannot be above that. The minimum and maximum of actual measurement would set up in the ladder logic.

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