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Commercial POS Line Toaster (HMI Shell Demo)

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Hello PLC Community!

This HMI Shell Demo shows an effect of "falling toast" as it is ejected from a new commercial bread toaster design.  As this design is a top loaded, bottom ejected toaster, I desired an animation of the toast exiting "in free fall " into its recovery wire shoot as it does in the prototype.    - Hope this inspires like imaginative uses!

Scope of project:  

The nearly 1K WAWA convenience stores on the east coast of the USA uses multiple "touch screen " terminals in each store for customers to enter their order of custom made deli food products (ie: sandwiches, bagels, paninis, etc).  What's great about this is you can select "a little mayo",  " regular" or "extra mayo" for example. The way you like it!   :  )

This personal "customization" options spans throughout their deli menu items.  This new design toaster now extends this customization feature to the breads they are built upon! 

This new toasting  feature now allows the customer to choose the way they prefer their toast  "light,  med-light, regular, med- dark, dark"  The toaster also affords a "cool-down" option!

Nothing worse than a very hot bagel and "chilled" cream cheese prepared together ........  makes for a  wet and  mushy meal!    :  (   

This PLC based toasting system is integrated into their existing POS ordering system data network.



Toast V.2.vlp

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