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Upload software in samba

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I'm a very newbie to everything goes around PLC, so my apologize in advance if this is a stupid question.

I have written a simple software for a samba PLC, everything works fine. I can uploaded it with no problem at all.

Now, I have shipped the PLC, and it needs to be updated with a new version with small bugs fixed. What's the best option?

I can let someone on site download the visilogic software and send them the code, but what if I don't want to share my code, can I send them just the compile code and let in some way install it, maybe still with visilogic software? If yes how can I do it?


thank you!


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Take a look at the UniDownloader software tool.    It lets you create compressed download files to send a customer so they can update PLC's with out seeing the ladder code or needing Visilogic.   You can even include an O/S update if needed.

Download page



Download link


https://downloads.unitronicsplc.com/Sites/plc/Visilogic/Download Software Utilities/UnitronicsUniDownloader_5_0_B29.exe

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