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DB9 to Jazz Jack programming cable wiring

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I have a JZ20-J-R31-Z and a PC with a DB9 Female serial port. I fancy the making a serial programming cable for it, because I can.

I see the Jazz Jack inside the case is just a standard 10 pin IDC motherboard header, see image below.


I have an drawing of the pins 1 to 9 on the DB9 and pins 1 to 10 on the Jazz jack 10 pin IDC header, see below.


After a bit of internet research I believe pins 2 (RxD < TxD), 3 (TxD > RxD), 4 (DTR > Power), 5 (Signal Ground) & 7 (RTS > Power) are used on the DB9 but not sure where these connect to on the Jazz IDC header, I see the DB9 to RJ11 is 2-3, 3-4, 4-6, 5-2+5, 7-1.

Does anyone have any ideas on the IDC side?





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Hi you must know that Jazz 10pin is not RS232 compatible.

Jazz PRG module must be used for programming.

Jazz PRG offer all needed option:

-level shift from RS232 to ttl (max 3221 used);

-galvanic isolation via two optocoupler ;

-RX and TX signal conditioning via logic buffer (NC7SZ58 chip) with 3.3V logic level;

-some add-on elements connected to Jazz connector pins  (i do not know about how it managed by Jazz plc);

-power cirquit for max3221 power from RS232 port.


P.S. - on 10pin connector present logic level 3.3V signals. 3.3V power pin and 24VDC from PLC power input.  If you connect any 3.3V pin to 24VDC - PLC can be damaged!

P.P.S - I build my own "Jazz PRG with USB port" and galvanic isolation. But i have standard Jazz PRG and Jazz PLC on table for experiments.


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