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DTI Names iterative


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Hello, guys, I want to create a function (ladder) that allows me to store a DTI in the SD, for this I used the image block, but by placing the string from the RTC function to ASCII V2 as a name through a String-ASCII type structure, but I get a writing error, could someone explain the reason a little better? And if it is possible to put the date or the hour or minute by name in the DTI?



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@Saragani Thank you for answering my question, regarding your question, yes, of course I do, I have access to the SD, I have activated the permissions for the SD (see image) and previously I had already uploaded these types of files, but instead After using a tag like the one in the initial image, it used some names that I assigned to it ("Output_1_temperature", "Output_Temperature", "Temperature"), the error arose when using the tag of a string type structure with the date or hour.





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Well, after further looking in your code, I see that C is the filename, and the value you use is 18:07

The file system in the PLC, just like in Windows, does not allow certain characters to be used in a file name. 

In Windows you cannot create a file that contain the character : since it is being used for targeting drives, for example d:   (Well, I tried giving and example of c and then a colon, and it replaced it with a smiley)


Can you please provide a list of forbidden characters?

I know that the SD Card is formatted as FAT32, but I'm not sure if that affects the forbidden characters, or the Operating System on the Panel.


Anyway, @xXJEQTXx,

Since filenames can be transferred to your computer, I would avoid any character that Windows doesn't like:

  < (less than)
  > (greater than)
  : (colon )
  " (double quote)
  / (forward slash)
  \ (backslash)
  | (vertical bar or pipe)
  ? (question mark)
  * (asterisk)

Besides that, there are also specific forbidden filenames in Windows (Case insensitive):







COM1, COM2, ... COM10

LPT1, LPT2, ... LPT10


Don't use those filenames and characters and you are OK.

For a Directory, as much as I remember, it cannot end with . (dot)



Are those also the restriction in the PLC?

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