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How to erase all of UniStream application data?


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If you can communicate with the PLC ( Etherent   or USB)

   The create a BLANK  or Minimum Program  ( Ladder  and HMI)

              On HMI I just do a Text Message  and a Clock

              In Ladder I do nothing

    Set up the Model info, and the Com's 

                 PLC Communications   

                            Physical  -  IP Address Information    Panel IP  is important

  Compile and Save the program  then Download

This will overwrite everything  - erase the old program  and its setupand  install the new program with new program settings.


If you cannot communicate with the PLC, then you need an ACTION file to "kick" it.

  Create a dummy program as per above and save it.

   UniLogic,    Tools - Icon Ribbon-   USB ActionFiles Creator             ( you will need a USB Key

         Follow the steps     Data - uncheck All

                                                   Logs  - uncheck  All

                                                   Updates  -- You decide

                                                    Communication  --  Write  new parpameters  into the   Panel IP  date            CPU  and DNScan be blank at the moment

                                                     VNC Passwords    -- You decide

                                                     PLC Password  -- Use Unitronics factroy default  password


Follow steps to load onto the USB, then plug into the PLC and power down the PLC and power back up   Action file will do its thing.

Then ping the IP Address and go online  -- UniLogic  and  VNC





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  • NoamM changed the title to How to erase all of UniStream application data?


 I consider  "erase all the Data,"  as close to a factory reset as you(we) are going to get.

When the PLC's come from the factory they usually have a demo program installed in them.

We can upgrade or downgrade the OS in the PLC,and  install our own Unilogic created programs -  that is as far as  " the creators "  will allow us to go.


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