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  1. Hello Everyone is there a way to use the serial functions? I am using serial com RS232 when i configure the modem it forces to be ModBus Panel, and when i try to use the serial Com functions i get error, (COM Tx/Rx). Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your reply, But the message Composer is for the CPU right? How can i send it with Tx?
  3. Hello Everyone, I have a problem, I need to do a communication between my TA30 and another machine, with RS485 but the problem is the machine is sending a function 08 so the PLC can't recieve this communication is there a solution for this problem? Thank you
  4. Thank you DanT for your reply, so that's gonna erase all the Data, it's not gonna do a factory reset right?
  5. Hello I have USC-B5-TA30 and i was trying to erase everything and do a factory reset, can i get help on this please? Thank you
  6. Hello, there is something I am really waiting from unitronics, is to make the X axis(Time) of trend is variable, so the users can easily change it easily from the HMI.
  7. Hello, I am using USC-B5-TA30 and i ordered UAC-CX-01RS2, but i cant connect the com module. to the PLC, did i miss something that i should have ordered or something?
  8. Hi ORSO Thank you for your reply, from what i understood, that i can do it with 2 timers, one TON and the other TP (Pulse) this way i can create a frequency?
  9. Hello Everyone, I wanted to know how can i create Pulse time, like the frequency we have, in unilogic, i tried to create one, but i didn't work. Thank you.
  10. Hello I am trying to use unistream data converter to convert data sample to excel, but when i try to add it in input i can't find it, and when i try to convert as PDF I find it, and i don't understand where is the problem.
  11. OK I understand, thank you so much
  12. For now i needed only two PID but i will need 5 more so i think that's gonna be hard somehow.
  13. Hi @Saragani Thank you for your reply How is it possible?
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