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Automated heatstaking using unitronics servo motors

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Since this is my first experience with Unitronics servo motors, I'd like to offer a brief overview of the nearly completed project. The primary objective was to construct an automated heatstaking machine that could operate autonomously once components were loaded by a collaborative robot (cobot).

For the heatstaking process, a 2-axis motion system was essential, and we chose the EtherCAT version. Additionally, we implemented PID temperature control for the heat elements, utilized PWM LED control to facilitate a color transition (from blue to red) to indicate temperature changes in the enclosure, and established Modbus communication between the PLC and the cobot. To meet maintenance standards, the machine also needed to support 10 user-defined recipes and provide descriptive alarms.

We accomplished all of these requirements seamlessly with the USC-B5-T42 Unistream PLC. Over the past few weeks, the machine has undergone trial runs without encountering any issues, confirming that all hardware components are performing as anticipated. The motion programming proved to be straightforward, especially for individuals familiar with PLCopen motion control function blocks.


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