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hi there , I'm very new to this so forgive my lack of knowledge

i have a vision 350 with no local io, i have a exa2x , io-d18-io4

i have a problem i cant work out, probably a very easy solution 

i have programed a simple on of switch on the hmi and the ladder, the problem i am having is the relay output wont stay on ,it cycles/flashes realy fast when i activate it 

is there somthing i should be doing ,thank you 

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  • MVP 2023

Hi Jamie, please read the "Getting Started" topic in the Help files, with particular attention to "Ladder Net' which is a sub heading at the bottom of "Ladder Editor".  This will better explain what is going on with your existing ladder construction, and the entire Topic is worthy of a full read for your learning curve.  As are all the Help files.

cheers, Aus

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