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HMI mouse events detection...


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hi All

when a mouse is connected with the panel by the USB port there is a way to detect when the mouse button is pressed?...i mean something like the "touch bit" for the VNC connecttion.

I know that I can add a BIT in each buttons but I need/want know also if someone push the button everywhere in the screen.


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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....About four years ago, when the PLC did not support screensaver, I implented it myself (in fact it was a PLC placed in the corridor of my wife's parents home and through the night the shining display was disturbing, so I just "designed" a black screen and I think reduced brightness after a period of time). Then I was asked to put some slideshow of my daughter instead of black screen. The problem was the screen had not reacted on touch using VNC viewer.

Solution was quite easy - I put the controls on a large transparent button which fills all the screen. And it works. I am not sure but suppose the panel works like bubbling event in MS WPF. 

Maybe it can be a solution of your problem.



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