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DTI set column value strang ebehavior...


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hi All,

i am using the release 1.33.373; i created a UDFB where I upload from a txt file some strings and I save these in a DTI; this DTI has just one column with string variable;  so to upload the right number of strings I set the column value (all rows at the same time using the specific function block) with the constant #""...and when I am online I see all the rows "empty" ...then I search for the first available #"" in the column and I save in the same position the new string...this doesn't works.

to be more clear...I use the same UDFB at the power up of the PLC and it works...if I recal the same later it doesn't works...DTI is empty but not filled by new strings.

the solution is write each single row with a variable that contain #""...this works always (at the beginning and later)... and i don't understand why.

at the moment the DTI has juts 3 rows; in the last parameter of the "set column value" block i passed the "DTI.number of rows" ... and when i was online it show 3 ...the start index was "0"..and as I wrote all the rows was empty...I also manually filled the cells of the DTI to check if these was "reset"...and these was...so I don't understood what is wrong.

hope that is clear enough.

PS: could be possible add a "tool" in the UNILOGIC to automatically upload the txt, csv etc files as for the MEDIA file?...could be a table where you select the "source file" and the "destination folder" in the PLC..that could works during the upload of the project (by cable or by DOK) but also indipendently...otherwise we have to use the FTP or, as i did, create a specific place in the program to manage the files upload.

thanks and regards

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