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Communication of the V1040-E20V PLC with modules of another company

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Good afternoon, my automated control system uses a Unitronics V1040-T20B PLC and expansion modules from another company (Reallab NLS series). The PLC has the ability to communicate via ModBus RTU with devices that support ModBus RTU communication.  In order for there to be a connection between them, I use function 2 (Read input) and function 5 (Force coil), as it was said in the video tutorial on the Unitronics channel. But I have a problem that the PLC does not read all the states and does not set all the values in the input and output modules respectively, but processes only about 45-50 signals. What could be the problem?
ModBus RTU data exchange protocol (installed on the PLC and on all expansion modules);
Data transfer rate 115200 (installed on the PLC and on all expansion modules);
Parameters of the COM port 8-N-1 (installed on the PLC and on all expansion modules).
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