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SI34 (current day in week) incorrect

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Hi all

Has anybody else experienced SI34 becoming unsynchronised with the current day/month/year? The RTC stays correct but the day in week value is wrong. If left alone the value still changes each day but is offset, sometimes off by 1 and sometimes more.

We have had it happen to both a v120 and a v570, manually adjusting SI32 (DDMM) or SI33 (YYYY) brings it back into sync.

It has occurred a few times to the v120 over the last couple of years without anyone touching the controller, this is the first time I've seen it on a v570. It happened after a program update & reset. I have tried reinstalling the latest firmware on the v120 previously and it has not fixed it.

The v120 and v570 programs are completely unrelated, SI34 is read to determine running days but is never written to. We have probably 40 unaffected vision controllers in use.

We use Visilogic 9.8.65

Attached is a screenshot from our SCADA system.

Thanks, Josh


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Thanks Kratmel,

I have already reset the day in week on the v570. If it ever happens again to this controller I will try an initialise and reset.

For the v120 I will try a blank program download followed by an initialise and reset when I am next on site. It has happened to this system multiple times previously without any downloads/interaction and I expect it to reoccur again. This specific controller is quite old so the internal battery may need replacing. I have not seen the day correct itself, unlike in the other post, sometimes it has been left for days.

I not sure if it could be related to my system clock setup as I have programmed quite a few controllers from the same PC in the past. I did not press Set RTC in the PC communications settings window for this update.


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