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USP-070-B08 panel infenitely reboots


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I have a system with a USP-070-B08 panel and USC-P-B10 CPU and some I/O. The system has been running fine for 5-6 years. Then it suddenly startet to infenitely reboot the panel. When the system is powered up it displays "UNISTREAM", gives a beep, flashes the ethernet LEDs and then stops before the same starts over again.

Any idea on how I might fix this?

I may also mention that the CPU battery has not been changed since new (5-6 years). Can this be the cause? If so, how do I get the system running again?

Also, a general question; what is the consequencenses if the battery is not changed? I doubt that any of my customers will do this unless i instruct them so, which I have not done yet..






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1. Battery back-ups Retained Tags.

2. If SD card used - eject it and check if PLC resets or not.

3. Prepare new backup battery CR2032 and replace it.

4. You have to check battery status in Ladder by use of following bits:


5. When bit "Battery Low" is up - Customer have to replace battery in number of days to eliminate loosing retained tags.

6. Minimum battery voltage is 2.8V.

7. Battery life is dependent of number of conditions - temperature, humidity, amount of time when PLC is off (this is a time when battery is supplying power to retained memory).


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The tip regarding battery alarm was useful. I will implement that in my systems from now on. 
But my real problem is that my panel keeps rebooting after displaying the "Unistream" logo. This is in my development setup, and it started to do this during a period when I was not working with it.

So my question is realy if there is anything I can do to recover it?
Or do I have to assume it is defect and by a new one? 

I did find this in the forum. Rescue Procedure to recover UniStream Panels.

But that procedure did not work

Also i did find this:

Unistream recovery to factory settings procedure 

I have not tried this as i do not have the MAC of the panel. Is it worth a try? If so, where should I ask to get the MAC adress ?

I have the serial no.: QCR65B30082

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