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Timer Current Value Outside Preset Value

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Hi all,


I'm using a V570 controller.  I have a number entry on the HMI to an MI so a user can enter in a value in minutes.  The MI is then multiplied by 6000 (to get to 10ms units) and stored to a ML.  This ML is then stored to a Timer using the ST PR function block.  I then use a TA in my ladder.  The preset value of my TA is correctly taking the value stored to it.  However, the current value is starting at a completely different value.  For example:




Upon starting, TA5 current = 03:00:00:00

TA5 preset = 01:00:00:00


Now I believe that TA5 used to have a static value of 03:00:00:00 before changing the logic so that it can be changed.  I have since changed it's default preset to 00:00:00:00 so it should clear out on power cycle.  But for some reason it just keeps starting at 03:00:00:00.  


Any ideas as to why it would not have its current value starting at its preset value?

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8 minutes ago, Flex727 said:

TA timers need to be Reset manually. They do not reset automatically when power is applied as TD timers do. Put in a reset and your TA5 current will be correct.

Ah! You nailed it.  I do have a Reset in my ladder but it's at the bottom of my program and I haven't actually run all the way through completion as I'm going through debugging.  I just let it complete a cycle and sure enough it loaded the preset into the current.  Thanks!

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