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2-6 second screen transitions on 10" and 15" UniStream hmi

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   I have some experience with Unitronics and the Unilogic platform.  I have noticed screen transition performance has decreased on firmware v1.33 and v1.34 compared to firmware 1.32 and older.  I am seeing ~2-6 second transition time from button press to new screen being displayed.  I'm working on reducing the hmi custom controls as much as possible, are there any other things I can do to increase screen transition performance?  

Here is some basic info on my current project with slow screen transitions:

Number of Screens: 36

Number of WebPages: 1

Actions: 4


Datatables: image.png.0921a7c5298ab6029716aff1fea9ebe8.png


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Sorry, I'm also interested in solving that problem, since it comes to me in my program, and I've been reducing the number of elements for a long time, reducing the number of processes that can be carried out at the same time and that are not necessary. Please could you explain your solution in more detail, thank you very much 

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