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X-Y stream of temperature plotting breadcrumbs ?

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Hi Unitronics Community!    :  )

Just now starting out with the "Unilogic"  ver. 1.34  192 paradigm IDE               .........  (I dont have my Unilogic PLC as of yet to even see my run time ladder and HMI code working).

My first project is a "Ramp-Soak-Spike" profiled  time and temperature oven/kiln controller (inspired by one of our unitronics community members).

In the attached graph,  I'd like to have an historic run time "live" plotting of small red squares (breadcrumbs) of the actual temperatures measured at that time period .....  laid over the static  fixed time/temperature graph heating profile (dark blue lines).

The already made available  graphs and live trends in this IDE was not suiteable for my desired HMI presentation of this project.

It looks like in ladder "Tools",  "Drawing",  "Insert Shape" maybe what I'm looking for.

There seems to be very little in way of examples and docs about this feature   :  (

I'm hoping this is a "run time" ability to insert programmatically lines, rectangles and circles into the screen. Is this true?

Can "Text" be inserted as well?  ......  or numbers?  (ex: "walking text" by varing the X-Y coordinates )

My code  already kicks out the  X-Y referance data points needed for each of the temperatures sampled.

If you could steer me to any additional  sources of docs or examples of this feature would be appreciated!

Thanks!   :  )





Screen1 - 2024-1-9_13-10-30.png

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...........  also,  is there a way to capture the  X-Y coordinates of the current mouse pointer (its X-Y is now displayed at bottom left side of the screen) when I "click" anywhere on the screen?

The stored  X-Y location data would be very helpful in HMI graphic  layout and code development  .

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