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New Application Stories: Motion, Pump Control, Packaging, Breweries! 

Cara Bereck Levy


One Integrated Solution in Action: New Application Success Stories!


Motion, Pump Control, Packaging, Breweries! 

We love seeing the innovative ways that members of the Unitronics community succeed - and we think that you will too!

And now:  Drum roll!

Presenting great, new Application Success Stories showcasing Unitronics One Integrated Solution for PLC, HMI, VFD and Servo!

 Shriram Automation_pic.jpg

Motion Control: Unitronics PLCs & Servos Precisely Position Punch Press

 Shriram Automation in Thane, India, created a motion control system for a fast, highly accurate variable hole-punch machine using a UniStream® 7” All-in-One PLC + HMI  paired with two Unitronics AC Servo Drives; the machine can be remotely controlled via any mobile device.

“Unitronics controllers are the ‘KING’ of all PLCs”.

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 Tills Innovations_pic.jpg

Water Features: Pump Control with the UniStream 10.4 PLC + HMI

 Tills Innovations specializes in the design and installation of beautiful custom water features. For a recent large-scale project, Tills selected a UniStream 10.4 PLC + HMI. The powerful, multifunction controller automates multiple pumps, valves and lighting for the feature, while enabling remote monitoring and control via an easy to use interface.

“I have used PLCs for over 20 years, but since using Unitronics, with their large range of choices, I will not need to look for any other PLC manufacturer for any of our many and varied projects.”

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 IGCP Engineering_pic.png

Control & Automation with Vision™ V700 for Packaging & Bagging Systems

 Packaging control system for animal feed products, both flours and pellets packed in 10 Kg, 25 Kg and 40 Kg using a net-band packing machine. IGCP Engineering, a leading system integration firm in Colombia, specializes in designing and building complete weighing and dosing systems using scale hoppers.

“Unitronics’ control products enabled our end customer to achieve production goals; the high speed and resolution of the IO-LC1 ensure accuracy in weight measurement—and freely supplied VisiLogic software saved on costs.”

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 SPIN FX_pic.png

A Complete Brewery Control System for a Sophisticated Beer Production Process

 SPIN FX in Zabrze, Poland, produces a complete Brewery control system using UniStream® All-in-One PLC + HMI 15.6” and UniStream 10.4” paired with Unitronics VFDs. SPIN FX, an industrial automation firm located in Zabrze, Poland, produces a system that controls all of the components of a Brewery operation including fermentation.

“Friendly and intuitive software environment makes work with programming simple and comfortable. Thanks to using UniStream 15.6” and UniStream 10” HMI panels best quality of images is provided. Reading the state of processes is easy.”

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Unitronics PLCs & Servos: Servo Made Simple Precision Motion Control in Extruder Application

 Stratasys, trendsetters in the field of 3D printing, chose Servo made Simple: Unitronics’ UniStream® PLC teamed with Unitronics AC Servo Drives and Motors to automate a manual process— Cleaning Extruders.

“I would like to again mention that this was the first time that I have ever written a control or motion control program - but UniLogic is a great programming platform. The environment for Servo operation and programming is intuitive and easy to use. We were concerned that this project would require a great deal of time – but Unitronics really has made Servo motion simple.”

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Remember – If you have an interesting application, send us the details - We are happy to help you to craft an interesting story!

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