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Unitronics' Community Roundup for 2023 - and a big thanks to the moderators!

Cara Bereck Levy


So--here we go, with a summary of the Unitronics forum community activity for 2023!

In 2023 we welcomed over 1000 new members. Over 400 topics were posted overall and over 2,500 posts were made during the year. Over 1200 files were downloaded—and thousands of people searched the forum to answer their questions.

The Unitronics community would not be possible without our forum MVPs. Our four knowledgeable  MVPs—and I cannot stress this enough—are volunteers, not Unitronics employees. They devote a great deal of time and energy to the community as forum moderators. They approve posts, move posts to appropriate forums when necessary, and flag spammers (we have plenty of those).

This is in addition, people, to using their general deep expertise in all things control--and their specific, profound expertise in Unitronics products to answer your questions.

 >Drum roll<  

Our thanks to our fabulous MVPs:

  •  Joe Tauser, of Joseph Tauser & Associates, located in St.Louis, Missouri, USAhttp://www.jtauser.com/
  • Barry Lanier—you know him as Flex727—located in Allen, Texas, USA (near Dallas) blanier@arc-controls.com
  • The one and only Ausman, located Down Under—Australia!
  • Kratmel, otherwise known as Roman Kurka, located in the Ukraine.

On a personal note, I truly value the patience these individuals show in helping forum members pinpoint the source of a problem, the solutions they find—and their humor. A little humor goes a long way!



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