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  1. I've now used the FB Protocol. I followed the guide in the instructions. I've initialized the ethernet card and the socket 0 during powerup, and also the protocol. Socket 0 is initialized as TCP and to port 26864 (This is the default listening port on the Sitemanager). Whenever there is an alarm that should trigger an alert message, I use the connect socket 0 FB and then the Send TCP FB. In the Sitemanager logfile, I can read that it has received a message request from the Visio, but that the request times out because the request is incomplete. I am guessing that the message format from the Visio might not be correct? I am not sure how to be able to do this. Does the message have to be send on specific socket or port from the Visio perhaps? Edit: I made it work. It had to do with the timing of sending the message. I was trying to send the message before the socket was properly connected. If I used the SB for "socket connected" as a trigger for sending the message, it worked.
  2. Hi. I have a Vision 350 with ethernet module. I am connecting to the PLC via a remote device (Sitemanager from Secomea). This device can listen for messages on specific TCP/UDP port. The default port is 26864 for both. It can then trigger alarms and send SMS or email messages to the recipient. To do it, I need to send a message in the format: /UserName/PassWord/MobilNumber/AlertText. Username and password is optional. A typical message could be example: /+4511223344/Message text 1 to be send. So, my question is, can I use any of the TCP/IP functions in the 350 to send a message string like this to a specific port?
  3. I managed to make the program work again. Before clicking inside the HMI screen, I clicked on new button and drew a new button on the screen. Then compiled and saved. Now it works again. I have no idea why. I've spent a couple hours now, reinstalling etc.
  4. The admin moved my post from an old one, so the original description disappeared. I have the exact same problem as this post
  5. Hi. I am having this problem. Visilogic used to work, but now it doesn't. The error happens everytime i click on the HMI screen. I am tearing my hair out soon on this issue. I have Visilogic installed on Windows 7 pro 64 bit SP1. I wanna throw both the PLC and the computer out the window soon I've tried reinstalling, running as admin etc.
  6. How can I set the number of decimals shown in a numeric box in HMI if it is a real number? The format button is not active when the number is a REAL number.
  7. Hi. Is it possible to convert an HMI screen to a web page? I want to have a web page that looks exactly like the HMI page, minus the controls. It would be nice if I didn't have to create everything from scratch.
  8. Is it possible to password protect a button on the screen? F.eks. if someone clicks a button to view a different screen, it will ask for a password first? And can you have multiple passwords/users that will give access to different things?
  9. Hi, Is it possible somehow to edit the graphics in the UniPic library? They cannot simply be edited in an image editor, because they are watermarked. I want to use some of the pump icons, but add different colors etc. Also, is it possible to add or edit the so called widgets, like the tanks?
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