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  1. @ Cara, that's a good news. let see how long it takes to implement this feature. @R&D Guru: that's a very good idea ! I succeed to make it work already with the solution 1 explained above so it is one the good way. I will try to make it more simple creating a UDFB to compare strings. Regarding the tags, I don't really know what happened but this is OK with the new version so it's fine for me. Thanks one more time for your help and very quick reply. Guillaume
  2. HI again, Yes, this is approximately what i want to do. to be more clear: I have a data table containing username and password (10 row: 10 username with 1 password for each username) What i Want to do now is: -have an HMI on which you type in your username and password and press a button to start the check procedure -it load the first row of the data table into a struct and try first to find a match of username. -if there is a match of username, the idea is to check the password and give a feedback to the user depending on the result: (username not exist, wrong password …..) -if there is no match with the first row, it load the second row into the struct and do the same procedure. It does not sound very complex but really the "compare string" function would be perfect for this job. In the meantime, I figure out what was going on with the disappearing tags, I upgraded unlogic to 1,3, rev10 and all tags came back automatically. Can you let me know when the 1,4 version of unlogic will be available and where I can download the latest version available. only 1.2.5 is available on this website but I got the 1.3 rev 10 from my PLC supplier. Best Regards Guillaume
  3. OK, Thanks for this solution, It's not perfect but it should work and I don't need to compare a lot of strings in my project. I already tried to used the password widget in the HMI but i did not find any way to compare the string with a data table string. Because you have to compare the string with all row of the data table. The only way is to load the row one by one into a struct and compare them with the HMI string: so how could I do that from the HMI…. Another problem I have which is more important at this stage of the project: It appears that after downloading the app to the PLC, from time to time some tags disappeared from unilogic (especially the timers tags). All is ok inside the unistream (all tags present in uniapps) but some of them might be removed after download from unilogic and I have to create them back manually. I did not succeed to find which action make this tags disappeared. I'm currently using unilogic V1.2.5 from your website. Does anyone got the same problem ? Best Regards Guillaume
  4. Hi all, I've been spending almost one day looking how I could compare to ASCII strings without success unfortunately. The idea is to compare a string from the HMI (username) with a String inside a user account data table loaded into a struct row after row. This is just to be able to make a kind of login function with user and password protection. Guillaume
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