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  1. I created a global array of Binary. How do I set/clear/compare elements of the array of binary? I use Store to do that with array of integers, but that doesn't seem to work with a array of binary.
  2. I am trying to control a BACnet device via a GW-BAC1 gateway but it doesn't work. The device has 8 digital outputs and 8 digital inputs. See the attached YABE display. I am just trying to control the first digital output. Does any of the information in the YABE display go into the GW-BAC1 config file? Here's my config file: //================================================================================ // // Common Information // Bridge Title CN0864 Unitronics v1.00a //================================================================================ // // Data Arrays // Data_Arrays Data_Array_Name, Data_Array_Format, Data_Array_Length DA_BO_, Bit, 1 //================================================================================ // // Client Side Connections // Connections Adapter, Protocol, IP_Port N1, Bacnet_IP, 47808 //================================================================================ // // Client Side Nodes // Nodes Node_Name, Node_ID, Protocol, Adapter Node1, 0, Bacnet_IP, N1 //================================================================================ // // Client Side Map Descriptors // Map_Descriptors Map_Descriptor_Name, Data_Array_Name, Data_Array_Offset, Function, Node_Name, Object_Type, Object_Instance, Property, Scan_Interval BinaryOutput, DA_BO_, 0, Wrbc, Node1, BO, 0, Present_Value, 2s //================================================================================ // // Server Side Connections // Connections Adapter, Protocol N1, Modbus/TCP //================================================================================ // // Server Side Nodes // Nodes Node_Name, Node_ID, Protocol, Address_Type Unitronics_Modbus_Node, 255, Modbus/TCP, ADU //================================================================================ // // Map Descriptors // Map_Descriptors Map_Descriptor_Name, Data_Array_Name, Data_Array_Offset, Function, Node_Name, Address, Length, Data_Type SMD_DA_BO__1, DA_BO_, 0, Passive, Unitronics_Modbus_Node, 1, 1, Coil
  3. In the provided example "unistream_070_Bacnet_TCP", there's a global of type "Modbus Remote Slave". When I try to add another global, "Modbus Remote Slave" doesn't appear as a type option. Since my PLC is going to be the slave, should there be a type "Modbus Remote Master"?
  4. Which sections would I swap here? //================================================================================ // // Common Information // Bridge Title CN0864 Unitronics v1.00a //================================================================================ // // Data Arrays // Data_Arrays Data_Array_Name,Data_Array_Format,Data_Array_Length DA_AI_U16,UInt16,1 //================================================================================ // // Client Side Connections // Connections Adapter,Protocol,IP_Port N1,Bacnet_IP,47808 //================================================================================ // // Client Side Nodes // Nodes Node_Name,Node_ID,Protocol,Adapter myController,0,Bacnet_IP,N1 //================================================================================ // // Client Side Map Descriptors // Map_Descriptors Map_Descriptor_Name,Data_Array_Name,Data_Array_Offset,Function,Node_Name,Object_Type,Object_Instance,Property,Scan_Interval Temperature,DA_AI_U16,0,Rdbc,myController,AI,0,Present_Value,2s //================================================================================ // // Server Side Connections // Connections Adapter,Protocol N1,Modbus/TCP //================================================================================ // // Server Side Nodes // Nodes Node_Name,Node_ID,Protocol,Address_Type Unitronics_Modbus_Node,255,Modbus/TCP,ADU //================================================================================ // // Map Descriptors // Map_Descriptors Map_Descriptor_Name,Data_Array_Name,Data_Array_Offset,Function,Node_Name,Address,Length,Data_Type SMD_DA_AI_U16_1,DA_AI_U16,0,Passive,Unitronics_Modbus_Node,1,4,Input_Register
  5. I tried to manually modify the config file to swap the roles but it didn't work.
  6. Do you have an example project where the PLC is the slave/server? We have a Crestron that's supposed to control us via BACnet.
  7. I have YABE running on my PC and it does not see my GW-BAC1 but it does see other BACnet devices. Should YABE see a standalone GW-BAC1 or does the GW-BAC1 need to be controlled by an HMI to become active? Here's the config details: UniBACnet Configurator Protocol: BACnet IP Port 47808 One Device Instance: 0 with name Node1 One Descriptor: Analog Input Modbus connection: Modbus IP
  8. When I access the controller remotely via Ethernet and selected Verify, I get the alert “This operation cannot be completed until the controller OS is updated. Either: Update the file: connect a USB stick to this PC and press ‘Copy to USB Stick’ to copy files, and then use the USB stick to update the controller. Or Press cancel to stop the download”. Do I have to be physically present to complete this operation or can I perform it remotely? What USB stick formats are supported? FAT32? Any others?
  9. Can I run the code without the HMI host? Can I simulate the hardware? I want to test my code before running it on actual hardware.
  10. I have been contracted to maintain an existing PLC. I located a version of the source code but I don't know if it matches the code in the PLC. How do I backup the embedded code before downloading the source I have? If the source doesn't work, I'll need to restore the existing code.
  11. Is this a current product? Are there any tutorials to show connection and programming? Do I just define objects using UniBACnet Configurator? Are there any tips or tricks I should know about before purchasing one?
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