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  1. This will solve my problem too, except I can't find anywhere that tells me what the default password is once it has been restored. Is it "default" ?
  2. Does anyone know which bit is activated when the Snooze button on the Alarm Banner is pressed ? I have some logic to operate an alarm annunciator (siren and light) that I would like to silence when the snooze button is used. So far I have had to work around this by giving the operator access to a separate alarm silence button on every screen. Or alternatively is there a bit that is set when the onboard alarm tone is activated ?
  3. Thanks for your offer. I persevered for long enough to find the data sampler structs referenced in the ladder code. My mistake was using the wrong approach to finding the data sampler structs. I had to search under Global variables. I also found what mistake in my ladder code was stopping my trends from starting .... So I am all sorted now.
  4. I have a number of trends in a project that are not working and a number of data samplers that are not required. I though I would start by deleting the unwanted data samplers. I cannot delete the unwanted data samplers. I get the following instructions: In the Data Tag Editor, right-click the Data Sampler Struct name and select "Find" to locate all instances where it is used. Delete all instances, or assign a different tag. Delete the Data Sampler. I cannot find any instance of the Data sampler tags are used in the project. I have tried to assign a different tag and then delete. Same error every time. How do I kill off unwanted Data Samplers ?
  5. Thank Saragani, I lodged a support ticket, got some advice and manged to get it the rest of the way. The root cause for failure of the installation and the earlier diagnostic tool was that the .Net feature in Windows was not enabled. I also had to shut of Windows Defender firewall, virus protection and controlled folder access. I am still doing battle with those "features" of Windows to be able to run the software. Just when I think it is all good Unilogic runs foul of the controlled folder access. I think there must still be some executables that I have to allow through ... but I cannot work out what they all should be. So far I have allows Offline activator.exe Unitronics.Notifier.exe and Unitronics.Shell.IU.exe. What else needs to be on that list ?
  6. I have the same problem. Have spent hours trying the work arounds described on this forum, with no luck. Looks to me like the installer package and possibly the use of a non-current SQL installation needs to be revised. Until then I am stuck with a installation from two years ago on the same model of Acer PC with the same Windows 10 installation that did install back then.
  7. Took a bit of finding (had to use a google search targeted on the Unitronics web site, as site itself does not seem to have a usable search function ?? ). For future reference https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareUtilities/ It does the job, thanks, although the converter does not seem to be able to access or output to anywhere but the /onedrive/documents folder on my Windows 10 machine. You can select different directories, but it ignores your selection and drops back to that default. Probably a Windows 10 "thing".
  8. I have a bunch of USMP files (trend data). Not all have ended up as zipped CSV files. What format are the USMP files? Looks like XML in the header, but I can't crack the encoding used for the actual data. Is there a file converter available for USMP files?
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