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  1. The questions is : is it possible the PLC to stop itself when the current position reach the target position? of course if I turn run bit off the motor will stop.
  2. Hi Thank you for the replay I know about the PTO- my problem with PTO is that I cannot change the speed during move. If I use HSO(step control) I can set target position, can know the current position and can change the speed. The question is is it possible to stop when reach target position.
  3. Hi I use V430-J-tra22 for step control. I would like to set target position and when current position reach target HSO to stop. Is it possible? Now I see that current position reach target and reset to 0 and continue to move. Any Ideas?
  4. Yes - I have sent - and yesterday I have received msg that they found that there is a problem with WCB1.
  5. I had ask support before to write here , but too slow response
  6. Hi thank you for the replay. By the way we have checked with UIA-0402N and it works perfect may be the problem is hardware issue with UIS-WCB1
  7. Hi everyone I need urgent HELP. Has anyone tried to write to analog output every 50ms values and has he received good signal from analog output? I have tried the simple project from picture (code.bmp) and received very bad results.
  8. Hi everyone I have very strange problem We are trying to change the analog output like that in loop: 50milisec value1 and 50milisec value2 But we have not good result I have use USP-07-B10 and UIS-WCB1 I attach the picture of the code and the scope of result I got. Thank you for any Ideas pic_15_2.bmp code.bmp
  9. Hi , I am looking for interrupt routine called periodically. Is there such in UniLogic?
  10. Thank you. Can you advice me : Is there any easy way to redesign/change the project to remove/disable the UserAccessControl ? I need the same project but when I install on one device to have UserAccessControl and next time when install on another device without UserAccessControl
  11. Hi, I have a project (HMI USP-070-B10) with several users and groups. Using 3 access levels into the screen controls. I have a client who would like to have full access without login every time when power on the HMI. Is it possible to make something like auto login or to make default user with full access? Thank you in advance, Ognyan Obretenov
  12. Hi everyone I have HMI USP-070-B10 and need to connect to EX-RC1 I have done all in my project according to manuals but not transfer Than I have loaded example EX-RC1_IO to Unistream and to EX-rc1 and again no transfer I see that the HMI sends data and Alive data , but receive nothing The same in EX-rc1 - send data and alive , but receive nothing I have checked the wiring and power suply - all is ok any idea where is the problem
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