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  1. The questions is : is it possible the PLC to stop itself when the current position reach the target position? of course if I turn run bit off the motor will stop.
  2. Hi Thank you for the replay I know about the PTO- my problem with PTO is that I cannot change the speed during move. If I use HSO(step control) I can set target position, can know the current position and can change the speed. The question is is it possible to stop when reach target position.
  3. Hi I use V430-J-tra22 for step control. I would like to set target position and when current position reach target HSO to stop. Is it possible? Now I see that current position reach target and reset to 0 and continue to move. Any Ideas?
  4. Yes - I have sent - and yesterday I have received msg that they found that there is a problem with WCB1.
  5. I had ask support before to write here , but too slow response
  6. Hi thank you for the replay. By the way we have checked with UIA-0402N and it works perfect may be the problem is hardware issue with UIS-WCB1
  7. Hi everyone I need urgent HELP. Has anyone tried to write to analog output every 50ms values and has he received good signal from analog output? I have tried the simple project from picture (code.bmp) and received very bad results.
  8. Hi everyone I have very strange problem We are trying to change the analog output like that in loop: 50milisec value1 and 50milisec value2 But we have not good result I have use USP-07-B10 and UIS-WCB1 I attach the picture of the code and the scope of result I got. Thank you for any Ideas pic_15_2.bmp code.bmp
  9. Hi , I am looking for interrupt routine called periodically. Is there such in UniLogic?
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