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  1. Hello everyone, I'm currently modifying in an already given visilogic program for my project, and the very 1st blocs in it are the ones shown in the pic attached. I want to ask you if you have any ideas about the functions used, what do they do ? and can you explain to me how these blocs are supposed to work ? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello again everyone, So I'm still trying to understand visilogic more to start programming my V570. And I want to ask you : what if the diference between a subroutine and a module ? Yes I know that a subroutine is a part of a module, but I want to know WHEN and HOW to use a subroutine and when to use a module ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a project where I'm supposed to make a machine, using the V570 (and program it with Visilogic 9.8.79 beta). This machine is required to detect the reference numbers of smth else through its RS232 port, run some tests and then print a label that the thing it tested is in a good shape ( that's just a global view about what I'm supposed to do ). Given that I only have the V570, I know that I/O ports must be added, though I'm clueless to what exactly ask for. I did some researches, and found that there are "snap-in" and "I/O expansion modules" that can be added, still I don't get the difference between them. So my questions are : - what are the Snap-In and I/O Expansion Module exactly? when and where do we use each of them? - How do I chose what should I add to my V570 ? - What hardware (other than the V570) should I exactly have for this project ? thank you in advance
  4. I was actually judging from my experience with Step7 to be honest, it didn't require plugging the automate to run a simulation, hence my assumption, but now I understand they're not basics. Alright I will try ir with the PLC. I already have a V570 to work with. Thank you so much for your time and help.
  5. I'm using windows 10, and I downloaded the BETA because honestly it was the 1st one to be recommanded at the website, given it's the latest version of Visilogic. As to the hardware so far I'm not using any : I'm still learning the ways through visilogic, so I was planning on just starting on a simulation. Specifically I've been following this tutorial : You will find the part where I have an issue in min 6:44. I'm assuming the guy in the tutorial isn't plugging any hardware either, otherwise he would've mentionned it in a previous part, but at that point it works for him and not for me. What do you think the problem is, and how do I solve it please ?
  6. I'm new to the software, and I have a project that requires using Visilogic. I watched the tutorials provided by Unitonics' youtube channel for a kickstart. But come the "communication & OS" step, I kept, and keep getting the error 207 (shown in the pic below). I have no idea what to do nor how to solve it, HELP ! PS : I'm using Vision 570 for the hardware, and visilogic 9.8.79 BETA (downloaded from Unitronics' website) S : I 1st suspected my laptop to have an issue, so I used another one, and still got the same error. Any help and steps to solve this, and explanation of this issue would be a great help. Thanks in advance.
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